Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 tips to be more healthier.

First off, I would like to start by saying that you are beautiful and loved. Ok second, you should want to be more healthier because YOU want to, not because someone else wants you too. Remember if you are hungry than EAT. Don't skip a meal. Ok, now on to the tips :)

1. Trick your mind into thinking your eating more. Ok this tip is pretty simple, use smaller plates and bowls. Why? You ask. Well if you eat on smaller plates and bowls, than it tricks your mind into thinking you are eating more. Then if you are truly hungry then you can always go back for seconds.

2. Keep Junk food out of sight out of mind. If you can, then go to your kitchen and get rid of sweets,soda and other unhealthy temptations. If you don't see these foods on a daily bases then you won't be tempted. But remember it IS ok to have a " cheat day " about once a week should be good.

3. Don't eat until you're stuffed.  Only eat until you're 80% full. Take smaller bits and truly enjoy the food. Don't eat when you're distracted like in front of a t.v. or computer.

4. Drink water when you think you're hungry. If it's between meals and then you get a sudden craving, it could be dehydration. So get your water and drink up. After you drink a glass and you still feel hungry then you can have a snack, just make sure it's truly hunger and not dehydration. You'll be surprised how much a glass of water can satisfy you.

5. Avoid emotional eating. How many times have you ever been sitting on the couch and then you think " i'm hungry" , in reality you're just bored. I'm guilty of this. Instead always keep yourself busy. Just go outside and walk or something that makes you happy besides eating.

Ok well, that is all. But remember you are all beautiful and you shouldn't be trying to lose weight unless you truly want to .

XOXO, Emily

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