Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My school morning routine!!

Hey Lovely little reader, school starts in 8 days for me, i'm going to be a High School Freshman, fun right? Not really, anyways this is going to be my morning Routine :)

- First thing I do is get up at 5:30, 5 if I want to shower.

- The second thing I do is go to the bathroom and wash my face

- Thirdly, I put on my clothes

- After that I do my makeup

- Next it's hair time!!!

- I then brush my teeth, gotta have fresh breath and pearly whites, right?

- I now put on my shoes

- Lastly I go get on the bus at 6:50

Well that is all for this post =) If you have any questions or request do not be afraid to tweet them to me and I will get on posting the request ASAP.

Twitter: @l3tscuddle

XOXO, Emily

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