Thursday, August 1, 2013

School Dress codes

Hey Fashionista and Glossholics, how are you guys doing? Ok so I been really thinking about the school system dress codes. As we all hopefully know fashion is a form of self-expression at least I know it is for me. For my schools dresses,skirts and shorts can't be higher than a inch above the knee. As we all more than likely know it is very hard to find those items at that length, let alone one I actually like. As long as it completely covers your butt you should be fine. I still wear dresses and such to school that a little bit higher than that but I never get caught. shh.. Anyways the handbook says no jeans with holes that show skin, again very hard to find attractive jeans with holes. I'm not saying a HUGE hole but maybe just a like skin here and there. So that is all for now :) what do you guys think? Do you think I would get in trouble if i started a petition againist that?

XOXO, Emily.

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